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Pre-export finance 

Loan to a foreign buyer (Buyer Credit)

Long-term financing (up to 10 years) for import of
equipment and services, supported by European export credit
agencies’ programs, as well as project finance.

Export finance, including one with official government

Additional Services

+7 (495) 933-13-73

Our partners are experts in tailor-made financial instruments and
solutions with successful experience in regional and international markets.

Extensive and fruitful collaboration with prominent European financial
consultants Dierkes, Lemke and Partner proved strong expertise and connections
of our partners in dealing with European export financial institutions and
banks. In cooperation with Dierkes, Lemke and Partner we develop strong and
rare expertise for the benefit of our Russian Clients.



Offices in 8 countries

Malakut Group operates in Latin America, South-East Asia, Middle East and the EU. Network of our office connects our
Clients with local financial institutions and allows to link the necessary expertise to challenging and complex projects.

Loan backed by export accounts receivable

Assistance in
implementation of investment projects requiring
raising equity, strategic partnerships and partial
sale of project ownership


Advice on project and
export finance

Assistance in raising working capital

Managing Partner

Our vast experience and strong
partnerships allow us to carry on
a direct dialogue with export credit
agencies and banks around the

We constantly monitor frequent changes
in legislation and lending programs

We serve as “translators” from the language of finance into the
language of business and vice versa. Our Clients trust us to
represent them at negotiations with financial institutions in Russia
and abroad.

Strong capabilities and extensive involvement in negotiations
with incumbent financial institutions advance position of our
Clients in arranging financing on favourable terms.

We know how to communicate with
Russian and international banks and
financial institutions effectively

Our up-to-date knowledge enables us to find most effective


+7 (495) 933-13-73

Malakut Financial Services’ success is based on solid expertise
and reliable partners

Privacy policy


Malakut Financial Services was founded in 2014 by a group
of single-minded partners who designed service offering underpinned by robust and
extensive expertise in project, trade and export finance.

12, Malaya Sukharevskaya sq., 
Russia, 127051

invoice discounting and receivables financing

Our approach

Our goals

Knowing that entangled business situations should
be managed with care and attention we are able to
navigate our Client through complex projects, which
require structured solutions and sophisticated
financial instruments.

We support our Clients at any stage of project financing
as well as with raising funds to cover cash deficiency.
Having a wide network and working directly with numerous
banks, investors and other institutions allow us to
maximise value captured for our Clients.


Export finance

Import finance

+7 (495) 933-13-73

Konstantin Aksenov

Mikhail Karyakin

Professionals at Malakut Financial Services acquired vast knowledge and expertise gained
through the years of experience as top managers in credit insurance agencies of Germany (EulerHermes),
France (Coface), Russia (EXIAR), as well as banks: VTB Group, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank,
Eximbank of Russia, etc.